Wall of Moments @ Austrian Science Night 2016 (#LNF16)

On April 22, ICoSOLE successfully presented the “Wall of Moments” to several thousands of interested Austrians at the 7th Austrian Science Night [in German].

For the seventh time, almost all Austrian universities and research centers opened their doors to show insights about current projects, new findings and technologies. At more than 2000 partly interactive stations researchers showed experiments and explained entertainingly and easily understandable their work and research topics.

The “Wall of Moments” – An innovative view over the wide-spread event

Photo: JOANNEUM RESEARCH (Manuela Schwarzl)
Photo: JOANNEUM RESEARCH (Manuela Schwarzl)

Our Wall of Moments was installed at five stations in two provinces of Austria and showed randomly short clips of the actions of other stations throughout the event. Every visitor could download the “Moments” App and contribute by recording own highlights/impressions and share personal “Moments” with other visitors all over Austria.