Audio Production, Delivery and Presentation

ICoSOLE will go beyond this state of the art in coverage of spatial distributed live events by using a more generic representation of audio content. The elements of professional Audio content together with UGC will act as input for the spatial event scene generation, which will enable an adaptive rendering to desired distribution channels and platforms, ensuring the highest possible sound quality. Such a scene representation will also allow interactive navigation of the event. This will give new experiences to the user and will enable the more complete preservation of festival and event experiences beyond linear broadcast delivery.

ICoSOLE will additionally go beyond the state of the art by delivering an enhanced user experience, presenting immersive audio content on mobile devices. The implementation, based on open standards like the extension of HTML5, will allow an open-access use of this technology for advanced audio applications. A new format will be used to deliver a representation of the event for immersive and interactive binaural rendering. Techniques for scalable binaural rendering will be developed for web and mobile platforms incorporating more advanced features than are currently available, and extending emerging standard APIs and interchange formats. Techniques for rendering interactive immersive audio directly from a flexible scene representation delivered over IP will provide a significantly enhanced user experience over the current state of the art.