Upcoming test shoot: Marconi Moments

Music Maestro

It doesn’t really sound like a combination you’d expect from a Research & Innovation department. Nevertheless, you can throw away all your cliches about researchers, because Life is Music for VRT R&I on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 October.

Come and discover the “De Nieuwe Lichting” bands JFJ and Amongster in the Marconi studio at VRT.

More than a concert

This won’t be a usual concert. By attending the event, you’re participating in the creation of the festival app of the future. During the recording we’ll be testing innovative technologies developed in ICoSOLE, and you can participate.

Saturday 18 oktober: JFJ
Sunday 19 oktober: Amongster
Doors open at 19:00.


Free tickets are available. Stay informed and the Marconi Moments Facebook page.