Test Shoot with BBC Philharmonic Orchestra


At the end of March, BBC organised a test shoot with 10 musicians from the BBC Philharmonic orchestra at their rehearsal studio in Salford.

The purpose of this test shoot was to capture a set of source material for the partners to use whilst developing the systems and algorithms of the ICoSOLE project. The aim was to do this first in an environment over which we had full control, rather than the more uncontrolled scenarios of real public events. A chamber ensemble of musicians from the BBC Philharmonic, fresh from a local tour of the Salford area, performed several pieces from their repertoire, each with several repetitions in order to test different recording conditions.


For capturing audio, we used conventional spot mics on each instrument, plus several different main microphone arrays that capture surround sound with height. These were all extensions of microphone techniques used for surround sound recording, such as the spaced omnidirectional approach (A/B), the optimised carioid triangle (OCT), the Hamasaki square, and the double mid-side (DMS) techniques. For video, BBC provided two HD cameras and a 4K camera recording a wide shot of the studio. Several partners brought user equipment for capturing video and audio, such as GoPros, and various smart phones and tablets.

More: Blog post about the test shoot at BBC R&D Blog

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