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Jan 292014

ICoSOLE project partner JOANNEUM RESEARCH is offering the opportunity to perform a master thesis on the topic of “Automatic video quality analysis on mobile devices”.


Quality analysis is crucial when user contributed media are used as sources for professional media production. Automatic algorithms can for example detect instability, over-/underexposure or blur of recorded video. Performing the analysis on the capture device saves bandwidth as it avoids transferring unusable content, and can also make use of other sensors of the device (e.g., to detect instability). The aim of this work is to assess the feasibility of running automatic quality analysis algorithms on state-of-the art mobile devices, taking power consumption issues account.

Required skills

  • Basic knowledge on image processing
  • Experience in application development for mobile devices


Werner Bailer


Steyrergasse 17

A-8010 Graz

+43 (316) 876 1218


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