Successful demonstrations in Hasselt

The ICoSOLE team recently had the opportunity to present the outcomes of the first year. For its initial annual project review ten technical demos were selected and successfully shown at the event in Hasselt, Belgium.

Each of the individual demonstrators represents an aspect of the ICoSOLE system and proves the validity of the chosen approach and technologies.

Wall of Moments


The Wall of Moments displays short video fragments (“Moments”) captured by peers attending the festival in order to deliver a unique festival experience to remote users.

The selection of Moments is based on popularity, friends, music preference and custom filters.

Venue Explorer

VenueExplorer-300x164The Venue Explorer is a web-based client for interactive scene navigation using DASH adaptive streaming of video tiles from 4k overview.

It supports graphical data overlays, full pan & zoom control from touch screen and the audio is mixed dynamically based on the viewport.

Visual Location & Alignment


Based on measured sensor data and visual information the overlap and alignment of incoming video streams is determined

Also the temporal redundancy of (compact) local descriptors was studied.

Core System

CoreSystem-300x165The ICoSOLE Core System is based on a Composite Pattern Scene Representation.

Its uses a REST interface and feature an Editor, Creator and the Processing Engine.

Quality Analysis

Quality-Analysis-300x167A Quality Analysis App for Android Phones was developed for technical quality assurance for UGC.

The app automatically measures Noise Level, Luminance variations and Blurriness.

Object-based binaural rendering

binauralRendering-300x185BWF files with object-based audio meta-data using the ADM are uploaded.

The object-based audio programme is rendered in real-time using the Web Audio API, metadata is visualized. The rendering method can be switched; for the binaural mode head tracking is used.

3D audio rendering

3dAudioRendering-300x173The recordings of the Salford test shoot were mixed to achieve professional 3D audio using different main microphones and mixing techniques.

Rendering was done to loudspeakers and headphones (using BBC Audio Toolbox libraries).

Playout server

PlayoutServer-300x176The Playout Server is a GStreamer-based mixing engine running on Linux server for mixing & monitoring live video with graphic overlays

A Cocoa GUI is running on OSX client, communication is performed via zeroMQ and JSON.

Content Pre-Caching

PreCaching-300x172Content Pre-Caching is used to accelerate media stream switching in MPEG-DASH-based distribution environments.
It mitigates latency issues when zapping in DVB setups and optimizes time-to-first-picture.

In the future it will be integrated in playout clients for live playback on TV.

bitdash HD Streaming

bitDASH-300x181bitdash features platform agnostic MPEG-DASH clients for smooth content consumption. It supports live/catch-up and on-demand streaming and is HTML5/JS based – no plugins needed!