Live Streaming TV Questionnaire

As part of the ICoSOLE playout client research, we are currently in the process of designing a novel Smart TV application that enables people to experience – live – the atmosphere and events at a music festival from the comfort of their living room. The application is intended to enable users to stay in touch with friends and interact with those present at the festival.

To steer our design and development efforts, an online survey has been drafted to gauge user interest in a Smart TV application for remotely experiencing music festivals. At the same time, the survey probes respondents with regard to the functional features that such a Smart TV application should encompass for them to adopt it.

By filling in the survey, respondents will help us in designing the right kind of Smart TV application for remotely experiencing music festivals. Respondents can also indicate their willingness to take part in a follow-up interview at EDM (Hasselt University – campus Diepenbeek, Belgium) to further fine-tune the design.

The survey is available both in Dutch and in English. It will take about 15 minutes to complete the survey.

10 registered participants will be picked randomly and will be rewarded with two weekend tickets for the Dranouter Festival during August in Belgium.