Demos at Sound: Now and Next

BBC will be hosting an event called Sound: Now and Next – The future of broadcast audio on May 19-20 in London. Two ICoSOLE demos will be shown at this event.

Wall of Moments

wom01-300x168The Wall of Moments is a prototype of a use case defined in the ICoSOLE project. It aims to combine user generated content with professional content, in order to create an immersive experience for people who can’t attend an event. The demo uses a wom02-300x168selection of content recorded at the Marconi Moments, a small-scale test shoot in the Marconi studio at the VRT campus.wom02
Moments are short video clips -maximum 30 seconds in length- made by people attending an event. These clips should show something unique, catch something a professional camera would probably miss. Together, they tell a story through the eyes wom03-300x168of friends and create a personal experience for people at home. The Wall combines these Moments in a mosaic, and acts as the home screen. It’s a constantly refreshing feed of the latest and most interesting Moments and is highly personalized.wom03A Moment on the Wall can be zoomed into, making it playing synchronised with professional content picture-in-picture. A timeline is shown as well: every other interesting Moment is annotated, and can be jumped to. Hence, a user experiences the event in a social way, rather than the classic linear way (e.g. song by song).Lastly, a Moment can be added to My Experience, which generates a personal aftermovie afterwards (by adding an intro, outro and background music).

Object-based audio

BBC R&D will demonstrate object-based audio streamed over IP from their Salford lab to Broadcasting House. It will use their IP Studio technology which facilitates production of broadcast content over IP networks. This demonstration will stream an object-based audio production, being mixed in Salford, to Broadcasting House where it will be locally rendered into immersive audio. The audio will be played out over a 17 speaker rig providing a high quality three-dimensional output.