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Sep 302015

This year’s International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2015) in Amsterdam gave ICoSOLE the opportunity to demonstrate its achievements. ICoSOLE was presentes in the Future Zone, a special area dedicated to innovative developments.

Our demonstrations

The Capture App is a specialised mobile phone app which allows users to create short video clips. The app gives instant feedback on the visual quality of the video, which avoids recording content that is under/overexposed, blurry or shaky.

The Capture App (Photo: Captive North Ltd)

The Capture App (Photo: Captive North Ltd)

These short clips (so-called Moments) are uploaded to the Wall of Moments which displays a grid of user created videos covering those parts of an event which are usually not reached by an events’ “official” camera teams.


Screenshot of the Wall of Moments

The objective of the Smart TV Application is to offer users to experience an event from their living room in a way that is as comparable to a physical attendance. It provides: geographic maps, omni-directional video, professional and user-generated content, different camera angles and social media integration.

A screenshot of the Smart TV App

A screenshot of the Smart TV App

The Omnidirectional Video Capture System allows for cost effective recording of events “from the inside”. Using wide angle lenses on high resolution (12 megapixel) video cameras at multiple vantage points enables immersive capturing.

Omnidirectional video capture

Omnidirectional video capture

And we even got an award!

We can proudly announce that our demonstrations earned ICoSOLE a What Caught My Eye-Award from the show’s organisers.

Next: Meet ICoSOLE at ICT2015!

The next opportunity to experience ICoSOLE’s demonstrations will be at the ICT event from 20-22 October, 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal. Look for ICoSOLE in the Innovate Area at booth i16!

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