Share Your Moments at Leffingeleuren Festival

womThere is so much more to a festival than what is being shown by professional camera’s. For those that are unable to make it and for those who want to relive the moment back home, the ICoSOLE team has been working on the “Wall of Moments”, driven by VRT Research & Innovation.  With this app, we want to truly capture the atmosphere and experience of events. The smiles of the artists. The interaction of the audience. The unique moments of a festival. We want to create the feeling of actually being there and we achieve this by rendering images and videos captured by the visitors themselves. In combining these with professional recordings, we bring the festival live to your living room.

After a first test last summer, the research team has redeveloped the app with editing tools. Now, we are ready to let the visitors of Leffingeleuren festival be part of developing the future of immersive storytelling. Therefore, VRT is looking for test reporters who are excited to upload their festival experiences onto the app for friends and family to enjoy back home. On the 9th, 10th and 11th of September, we will have a booth called “The Wall of Moments” where we welcome visitors to be part of the experience. You can register as a test reporter via In addition, 40 test reporters are able to win a free ticket to the festival!

Moreover, besides user generated content the ICoSOLE partners plan to demonstrate several of its integrated components during the festival. We will keep you posted!