Sep 262016

From 9 to 11 of September, the ICoSOLE team successfully performed a field trial of the Wall of Moments at Leffingeleuren Festival. ICoSOLE enabled festival enthusiasts to share their moments on diverse screens spread out over the festival, as well as via a link for their friends and family at home.

Engaging festival visitors

Festival-goers visiting the VRT booth were able to download the app on the spot. By means of an editing tool on the app, test users were able to interact with VRT about their experience.

The feedback was very positive, a total of 100 test users sent over 700 images to the Wall of Moments, rendering the family atmosphere and culture of Leffingeleuren Festival.




Live editing to IBC

In addition to the shared moments ICoSOLE also provided a livestream of performances at the main stage.

Moreover, this livestream was also shown at IBC (the largest European tradeshow for broadcasting technology held at the same time in Amsterdam), from where the cameras were remotely controlled from the Tools on Air booth.


May 232016

WanderCouch combines professional and user-generated content and lets users immersively experience real-world events such as music festivals from the comfort of their living room. WanderCouch primarily revolves around live conditions, whereas UGC contributions can be consumed in an on-demand fashion, professional recordings of concerts can only be watched in real-time.

In developing WanderCouch ICoSOLE followed a user-centered methodology to understand the expectiations prospective users have of a (Smart TV) application for immersively participating in real-world events from a distance.

An informal study was conducted to evaluate the WanderCouch approach and to investigate whether it can improve on the types of experiences afforded by traditional TV broadcasts (e.g. in terms of level of immersion). It was found that WanderCouch has a positive impact on immersion and level of engagement with a music festival and its featured concerts, and that it succeeds in conveying a veracious impression of the festival’s on-site atmosphere.

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