Nov 212016

The Edinburgh Festival takes over the Scottish capital for most of August (a month in which the occasional day of sunshine breaks the unremitting cloud and rain). Hundreds of venues, from large theatres to tiny rooms above pubs, as well as in public streets, host a wide variety of performers from comedians to musicians, ranging from famous household names to unknown artists trying to make the big break.

ICoSOLE’s presence at the festival took advantage of the BBC’s own venue as well as the multitude of street performers scattered all over the city centre. The BBC venue, based in the George Heriot school (called the Blue Tent) had a stage with seating for an audience of around 150 people.

BBC Blue Tent stage

BBC Blue Tent stage

Each day two or three shows were hosted there, many of them existing BBC Radio shows. These shows were also being broadcast on BBC Radio, so there was a full production setup there from BBC Scotland.

Several BBC R&D projects were doing trials at the Blue Tent (including the ICoSOLE field trial of course), who shared a portakabin amongst the others in the production area at the side of the tent.

Outside of the BBC venue, user-generated content was captured out and about in the streets, particularly the Royal Mile where all sorts of different street artists were performing.


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