Nov 012015

This October ICoSOLE performed two further successful trials & demonstrations of its latest develop­ments.

13th European Week of Regions and Cities

ICoSOLE was invited to demonstrate its Wall of Moments at the Open Days of the Committee of Regions in Brussels from 13 to 15 October. About 40 journalists and students were active as test users of the ICoSOLE app and used it to record content. ICoSOLE helped them to cover an event that would be otherwise impossible to report on due to its widespread nature.

The Wall of Moments was installed in the press room of the Jacques Delors Building and displayed Moments from the many locations of the the Open Days across Brussels.

The Wall of Moments installed at the COR press room

The Wall of Moments installed at the CoR press room

ICT 2015

From 20 to 22 October ICT2015 took place in Lisbon, Portugal. ICoSOLE had a booth in the exhibition in the Innovate Area, where we were able to present the Capture App, the Wall of Moments, the Core System and the Smart TV App.

Portugal's President Aníbal Cavaco Silva and EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Science Günther Oettinger opening the Exhibition

Portugal’s President Aníbal Cavaco Silva and EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Science Günther Oettinger opening the Exhibition

The Exhibition Area

The Exhibition Area – ICoSOLE‘s booth in the lower right corner

Lots of interest ICoSOLE's booth

Lots of interest for ICoSOLE

Both events were excellent opportunities to test our latest developments and to disseminate information around ICoSOLE!

Sep 302015

This year’s International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2015) in Amsterdam gave ICoSOLE the opportunity to demonstrate its achievements. ICoSOLE was presentes in the Future Zone, a special area dedicated to innovative developments.


Our demonstrations

The Capture App is a specialised mobile phone app which allows users to create short video clips. The app gives instant feedback on the visual quality of the video, which avoids recording content that is under/overexposed, blurry or shaky.

The Capture App (Photo: Captive North Ltd)

The Capture App (Photo: Captive North Ltd)

These short clips (so-called Moments) are uploaded to the Wall of Moments which displays a grid of user created videos covering those parts of an event which are usually not reached by an events’ “official” camera teams.

Screenshot of the Wall of Moments

Screenshot of the Wall of Moments

The objective of the Smart TV Application is to offer users to experience an event from their living room in a way that is as comparable to a physical attendance. It provides: geographic maps, omni-directional video, professional and user-generated content, different camera angles and social media integration.

A screenshot of the Smart TV App

A screenshot of the Smart TV App

The Omnidirectional Video Capture System allows for cost effective recording of events “from the inside”. Using wide angle lenses on high resolution (12 megapixel) video cameras at multiple vantage points enables immersive capturing.

Omnidirectional video capture

Omnidirectional video capture


And we even got an award!

We can proudly announce that our demonstrations earned ICoSOLE a What Caught My Eye-Award from the show’s organisers.


Next: Meet ICoSOLE at ICT2015!

The next opportunity to experience ICoSOLE’s demonstrations will be at the ICT event from 20-22 October, 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal. Look for ICoSOLE in the Innovate Area at booth i16!

Aug 142015

jw7DxyIJOn 7-9 of August ICoSOLE performed its first field trial at the Dranouter “Festival of new Traditions” in Belgium. In collaboration with the festival organisers Flemish broadcaster VRT organised the test in which 60 visitors could test the latest developments of ICoSOLE.

The test users got a special app (Dranouter Moments) installed on their Android phones and were able to record and upload shorts sequences of video, the so-called Moments. These clips were displayed on the Wall of Moments, a video wall next to the central stageand were also provided via a web-page. This way content was captured which is usually not covered by professional camera teams on-site and it could also be shared with the friends at home.

The content of the Wall of Moments was curated by a system that automatically assessed the technical quality (exposure, blurriness etc.) of the uploaded clips.

In addition to the Wall of Moments there was also a live stream (via MPEG-DASH) available fed by conventional TV cameras and a panoramic camera system. We were also able to demonstrate BBC’s IP-based end-to-end broadcasting system.

The festival site with our Wall of Moments booth

The festival site with our Wall of Moments booth

Screenshot of the Wall of Moments

Screenshot of the Wall of Moments

Festival impressions

Festival impressions

We are very happy that the field trial was considered a huge success by visitors, festival organisers and participating ICoSOLE partners. The next opportunity to see our developments will be at IBC’s Future Zone (booth 8.F14) in Amsterdam on 11-15 September, 2015. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Jul 102015

Do you like movies on your smartphone and sharing them with your friends?

Do you want to do that at the Dranouter Festival on the weekend 7-9 August?

Do you have a state-of-the-art smartphone with Android 4.4 or higher?

Then you may become an ICoSOLE test reporter!

The Dranouter Moments App provides a total experience of the festival, as seen through the eyes of selected visitors. They capture short clips of their experiences – moments a professional camera might not see. A web platform combines these clips with professional content of the performances, together forming a unique mobile festival experience.

Wall of Moments

To test the Dranouter Moments ICoSOLE project has 40 free tickets available for reporters with smartphones who want to capture their festival experience. These one-minute clips show moments professional cameras might miss, the atmosphere in the audience, a party at the camp, a special moment…

Using the app test reporters can send their clips live to a web platform, where an automatic screening on content and quality occurs. Friends of the test reporters can log on to a secure site from home or on the road, and use the Dranouter Moments app there. They experience the Dranouter Festival as if they were there in person.


VRT is now looking for test reporters for ICoSOLE‘s first major demonstration at the Dranouter festival in Belgium. If you are interested in becoming a test reporter using the ICoSOLE Dranouter Moments app you can apply now at!


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