May 232016

WanderCouch combines professional and user-generated content and lets users immersively experience real-world events such as music festivals from the comfort of their living room. WanderCouch primarily revolves around live conditions, whereas UGC contributions can be consumed in an on-demand fashion, professional recordings of concerts can only be watched in real-time.

In developing WanderCouch ICoSOLE followed a user-centered methodology to understand the expectiations prospective users have of a (Smart TV) application for immersively participating in real-world events from a distance.

An informal study was conducted to evaluate the WanderCouch approach and to investigate whether it can improve on the types of experiences afforded by traditional TV broadcasts (e.g. in terms of level of immersion). It was found that WanderCouch has a positive impact on immersion and level of engagement with a music festival and its featured concerts, and that it succeeds in conveying a veracious impression of the festival’s on-site atmosphere.

Apr 292016

On April 22, ICoSOLE successfully presented the “Wall of Moments” to several thousands of interested Austrians at the 7th Austrian Science Night [in German].

For the seventh time, almost all Austrian universities and research centers opened their doors to show insights about current projects, new findings and technologies. At more than 2000 partly interactive stations researchers showed experiments and explained entertainingly and easily understandable their work and research topics.

(c) JOANNEUM RESEARCH (Manuela Schwarzl)

Photo: JOANNEUM RESEARCH (Manuela Schwarzl)

The “Wall of Moments” – An innovative view over the wide-spread event

Our Wall of Moments was installed at five stations in two provinces of Austria and showed randomly short clips of the actions of other stations throughout the event. Every visitor could download the “Moments” App and contribute by recording own highlights/impressions and share personal “Moments” with other visitors all over Austria.

Apr 042016

surgielogo The startup company surgie is focussing on documenting surgeries in an innovative way. We are happy to announce that surgie is using the video capture system developed in ICoSOLE, applying an integrated 360 x 180 degrees camera rig.

The camera system for surgie is provideded by AZilPix, a company founded by Philippe Bekaert (iMinds) together with four broadcast technology veterans.

surgie used during a live surgery

surgie used during a live surgery – © surgie

From surgie’s website:

All the cameras are installed and wired in advance on positions that are dependent of the type of surgery. This is innovative per se, reducing costs and contamination risks dramatically since a single person performs the capturing without needing access to the operation room. The moderating surgeon can perform the live cutting (pan, tilt,zoom, switch between cameras) himself without the help of a director.

It is also safer for the patient, because the surgeon focuses on the operation and not on instructing cameramen filming the procedure. In contrast to traditional live video streaming, it allows dramatically better control of timing and content.

This way of working allows to stream a surgery that was recorded in advance, for educational and research purposes. Surgie’s distant learning platform allows full freedom to re-view an operation post factum from any angle with full control over timing.

The AZilPix Studio.One system will be used live at the upcoming iMinds conference (April 28th in Brussels) feeding the video screens in the lecture hall as well as the web videostream.

Mar 032016

triggerfingerICoSOLE is proud to present two 360° panoramas which have been recorded at the field trial at Dranouter Festival.

The 360° panoramic videos were DASH-encoded by project parter Bitmovin, if you own a Gear VR headset you can be right on stage together with rock band Triggerfinger! Or join a quieter scene in downtown dranouter. Of course all videos can be viewed in a latest version web browser as well.

Click here to see the demo!

Mar 012016

ICoSOLE is co-organising the 4th edition of WSICC, taking place on June 22, 2016 at TVX 2016 in Chicago, IL, USA.

WSICC has established itself as a truly interactive workshop at EuroITV’13, TVX’14, and TVX’15 with three successful editions. The fourth edition of ACM TVXthe WSICC workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners working on novel approaches for interactive multimedia content consumption. New technologies, devices, media formats, and consumption paradigms are emerging that allow for new types of interactivity. Examples include multi-panoramic video and object-based audio, increasingly available in live scenarios with content feeds from a multitude of sources. All these recent advances have an impact on different aspects related to interactive content consumption, which the workshop categorizes into Enabling Technologies, Content, User Experience, and User Interaction. 
You are invited to participate in the workshop. If you plan doing so, you might also want to contribute a poster or demo, or present a research paper or industry study. Seedeadlines and templates below. The submission deadline is March 25th.

Visit the WSICC web site for more information and submission instructions.

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