Nov 212016

The Edinburgh Festival takes over the Scottish capital for most of August (a month in which the occasional day of sunshine breaks the unremitting cloud and rain). Hundreds of venues, from large theatres to tiny rooms above pubs, as well as in public streets, host a wide variety of performers from comedians to musicians, ranging from famous household names to unknown artists trying to make the big break.

ICoSOLE’s presence at the festival took advantage of the BBC’s own venue as well as the multitude of street performers scattered all over the city centre. The BBC venue, based in the George Heriot school (called the Blue Tent) had a stage with seating for an audience of around 150 people.

BBC Blue Tent stage

BBC Blue Tent stage

Each day two or three shows were hosted there, many of them existing BBC Radio shows. These shows were also being broadcast on BBC Radio, so there was a full production setup there from BBC Scotland.

Several BBC R&D projects were doing trials at the Blue Tent (including the ICoSOLE field trial of course), who shared a portakabin amongst the others in the production area at the side of the tent.

Outside of the BBC venue, user-generated content was captured out and about in the streets, particularly the Royal Mile where all sorts of different street artists were performing.


Sep 262016

From 9 to 11 of September, the ICoSOLE team successfully performed a field trial of the Wall of Moments at Leffingeleuren Festival. ICoSOLE enabled festival enthusiasts to share their moments on diverse screens spread out over the festival, as well as via a link for their friends and family at home.

Engaging festival visitors

Festival-goers visiting the VRT booth were able to download the app on the spot. By means of an editing tool on the app, test users were able to interact with VRT about their experience.

The feedback was very positive, a total of 100 test users sent over 700 images to the Wall of Moments, rendering the family atmosphere and culture of Leffingeleuren Festival.




Live editing to IBC

In addition to the shared moments ICoSOLE also provided a livestream of performances at the main stage.

Moreover, this livestream was also shown at IBC (the largest European tradeshow for broadcasting technology held at the same time in Amsterdam), from where the cameras were remotely controlled from the Tools on Air booth.


Sep 262016

ibcIn parallel to ICoSOLE‘s final field trial at Leffingeleuren Festival (Belgium) the project’s results were demonstrated at this year’s IBC in Amsterdam. At our project partners’ booths three main aspects of the ICoSOLE system capabilities were shown.

Live Control & Editing

Tools on Air demonstrated live control and editing of the multipanoramic camera system installed at Leffingeleuren festival.



The output of the mixing engine was sent to the Bitmovin encoder in the cloud, and also shown on Bitmovin’s booth.


Multipanoramic Cameras

AZilPix (a spin-off from iMinds) had a very prominent spot on the booth of their partner Axon to show their Studio.One multipanoramic camera system.


Aug 232016

womThere is so much more to a festival than what is being shown by professional camera’s. For those that are unable to make it and for those who want to relive the moment back home, the ICoSOLE team has been working on the “Wall of Moments”, driven by VRT Research & Innovation.  With this app, we want to truly capture the atmosphere and experience of events. The smiles of the artists. The interaction of the audience. The unique moments of a festival. We want to create the feeling of actually being there and we achieve this by rendering images and videos captured by the visitors themselves. In combining these with professional recordings, we bring the festival live to your living room.

After a first test last summer, the research team has redeveloped the app with editing tools. Now, we are ready to let the visitors of Leffingeleuren festival be part of developing the future of immersive storytelling. Therefore, VRT is looking for test reporters who are excited to upload their festival experiences onto the app for friends and family to enjoy back home. On the 9th, 10th and 11th of September, we will have a booth called “The Wall of Moments” where we welcome visitors to be part of the experience. You can register as a test reporter via In addition, 40 test reporters are able to win a free ticket to the festival!

Moreover, besides user generated content the ICoSOLE partners plan to demonstrate several of its integrated components during the festival. We will keep you posted!

Jul 292016
EdIntFest 2013 - CC-NC-SA by skotpics,

Image: CC-NC-SA by skotpics

Do you like recording movies on your smartphone and sharing them with your friends? Would you like to visit the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on Aug. 10-12? Do you have a smartphone with Android 4.1/iOS 7.0 or higher? Then you may become a test reporter!

You as a test reporter would use the Moments App (see below) to record a number of clips of performances on one or more days in the period Aug. 10-12, and allow us to use the recorded content for research purposes. As a thank-you gift test reporters will receive a GBP 50 voucher, either for Edinburgh Festivals tickets/store or for mobile phone pay-as-you-go top-up.

The Moments App provides a total experience of the event, as seen through the eyes of selected visitors. They capture short clips of their experiences – moments a professional camera might not see. The clips are sent to a web platform, where an automatic screening of content quality takes place. Users who are logged in with the app can access the web site allowing them to explore the content collected by all users.

By being a test reporter you would contribute to the work of ICoSOLE by testing the app and collecting content for future research at the Edinburgh Festival.

If you are interested in becoming a test reporter, please send an email to, including:

  • your full name
  • the brand and model of you mobile phone, and the Android/iOS version
  • the days and times (morning, afternoon, evening) when you are available in the period Aug. 10-12

The number of test reporters is limited so be quick to secure your spot!

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